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Never miss your next favorite author with free and bargain site Ebooks, delivered directly to your inbox every day. Sign up for free and start reading!. I have seen the word “ebook” used in many different ways and would like to know .. eBook doesn't work because (a) stUdDlYcaPs, (b) book isn't capitalized in. Enjoy these FREE eBooks brought to you by Barnes & Noble®! Download our FREE Nook® app or use your Nook® to read these great titles today.

They cease to be rhetorically pleasing and emotionally soothing; instead they become an analysis of your spiritual life. You also get some helpful reflection questions and poetic prayers from various saints throughout church history. The concise, truth-packed chapters are a wonderful way to start each day leading up to Christmas. I can't wait each morning to read the day's pages! Seriously, this is the best and most comprehensive Advent book I have used and it goes way beyond Advent.

It is a very readable and inspiring treatise on love. Thank you Sinclair for this gift to us all. Everyone should have a copy! I am reading it each day via the PrayerMate app but like it so much I am now coming online to order a paper copy.

A wonderful and challenging and deep meditation. Could be read any time of year - not just Christmas.

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His conclusion:. So which is it, readers?

Ebook, ebook, eBook or e-book? Have your say in our poll. RSS and e-mail subscribers might need to visit the website to see the poll widget. This is similar to e-mail. Or is it email?

Frankly, for things like this, there is no right or wrong.

Once they record a rule, the rule is already being challenged by users of the language. Fortunately, I now work in the marketing industry, and spelling rules are fairly relaxed.

Ebook, eBook, ebook or e-book?

Our standing orders for matters of spelling, grammar, and style were to be consistent within any given book or book series. I think different creators and publishers of digitally-published books, e-books or ebooks, and they each are entitled to use their own expression to label as well as define what they do.

When you are talking about a product, then the maker or vendor has dibs on what the label is. If Maeve were to publish a book on Grammer Rules, and wanted to refer to the digitally expressed tome as an ebook — that is her call. I think that time will be about 20 years after the first e-book distributed via the Internet, possibly by Until then, I will stick with whichever product I am dealing with.

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Email has been pretty much adopted not as a contraction, but an atomic word, comparable perhaps to words like eviscerate and egress. The standard spelling and capitalization rules apply simply.

Then there is texting, text-message, or messaging as opposed to instant messagin! This behaves differently than email and e-book, since what is described is a service or action, rather than an object of action. I agree with the above comments. When the usage becomes common enough, the word will most probably get simplified, the way e-mail became email.


Had eBook been a brand or a registered trademark like iPod , it could have stayed eBook. I agree with all of the above. E-mail has largely been transitioned to email and e-book will become ebook even if we are discussing years into the future.

At the beginning of a sentence, the user will capitalize the first letter as usual.

I must admit, I always favor a clean, uncluttered look in printed matter my office is another story. Somehow, it emphasizes the fact that this is a book, and as such, perhaps deserves a little more respect than just a quick, easily-deletable email.

However, as time goes on, when people are typing, they will be less and less likely to go the extra erg to hit the shift key and capitalize the B, and again, we will end up with ebook.

I like email but e-book. Anything with a capital in it makes it sound either like a brand or something pretentious to me!

I think e-book is a much better fit. I agree with Brendan, and with thebluebird I certainly feel that this is how the editor of the trade magazine I write for sometimes would want me to think were I to encounter the issue in material I was writing for her. It seems to me that the initial use was a combination word, and electronic mail became an e-mail. This was corrupted into a new word, email. An email was something unrelated to snail mail, filled a different use and purpose, and most of the people using email were uninvolved in the developing technology that defined the jargon landscape for the.

And never quite know what to do at the start of a sentence! So, perhaps I ought to move to ebook — ugly though it seems to me. My recommendation is to continue with what makes sense to you. Just be sensitive to what those you communicate with are using. We can lament language drift, but when millions of English speakers mostly agree that one word means some particular thing, or another term is spelled or used in some particular fashion.

It will be easier, then, to adopt whatever emerges than to try to correct the mostly insensitive crowds. I am still not sure whether the initial post on a blog is an entry, an article, a post, a posting, or a message.

I am unsure whether the content of an individual post determines the label, or whether the concept of the blog does — or whether the term is coined individually for each weblog system provider. Then is a comment a comment, a post, an entry, a reply, or does that descriptor, too, depend upon content or system? The onus is on the speaker or writer to use language that the audience will hear and understand; the listener or reader can do nothing to change the communication so they can understand it, only the author or speaker has that latitude.

I suppose the real answer is: Technically, I agree… it should remain hyphenated. Thanks for looking it up in the different sources, and for pointing out the online search ramifications of the different spellings. All helpful!

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But judging by the opulent surroundings, he was filthy rich, with impeccable tastes. Her life is going exactly the way she planned until her selfishness costs her everything. And now, when the young Enderman ninja discovers that the source of the problem is a trio of tough, experienced Minecraftian players, will he be in over his head?

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